The Beginning. — April 26, 2015

The Beginning.

  • Hi everyone! So this really is my first post! Wow I can’t even believe I had the guts to do this. So first, let me tell you a little bit about myself, I purely want to keep this as anonymous as possible, so I will not be revealing my name or my true age. You can call me Shelby Quitz, as my pen name. So, let’s say I’m around 13 years oldish and my birthday is on July 19 (it really is though). So I will not be posting pictures of me or my friends, but I will be posting pictures of other stuff, like food and scenery.Ok, so a little more about me. I am this weird quiet non-social girl with a weirdly stupid life. I am probably like the only teen who doesn’t even have a proper best friend. I do have a lot of friends,but sometimes, you really can tell the difference between someone who will stay by your side until  you die and someone who will leave you in a while. I hate to admit it but I have been through a lost of friends. I feel like sometimes my childhoodish memories are never going to be complete. My parents are also going through divorce and let’s just say its not the best feeling, everything from performances to good grades, something is incomplete. It’s been maybe a month since this has happened and time has really flew since then, so now we are getting used to this small apartment and so now my grandma his also here and everything has just been crazy. I do still meet up with my dad like every other day, but he still has this grumpy look and I just feel depressed most of the time. But anyway, I sometimes do feel like I have the most unluckiest life yet. I mean, all my friends at school have like this big house and are just so pretty and perfect in all their ways, while I still wear cheap, budget fit clothing and still have a thick mask of acne. I sometimes wish I could freeze the world and cry over everything but that is only sometimes and I think I am forgetting those happy times. Now, I nearing the end of this blog, so I promise next blog will be happier and longer!!!
  •                                                                                                      Bye for now!!!
Hello world! —

Hello world!

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